Are fully forged wheels better than cast wheels?

        Hi guys! Have you ever been confused about what types of wheels to choose? Cast or forged wheels?

What is a forged wheel and cast wheels?

        Before this argument, let us know some basic knowledge about these two wheels. 

Cast Wheels

        Cast wheels are made by pouring molten metal into a mold to form a fixed shape after cooling down. This method leads to the porosity of cast wheels which means inside the material there is some physical space. These kinds of wheels are usually cheap and heavy.

Forged Wheels 

      And what are  forged wheels? Forged wheels are made by pressing a single block of aluminum into shape under high temperature and intense pressure. Forged wheels are less likely to be cracked or broken compared with cast wheels. They are favored by many wheel enthusiasts. 

RVRN wheels: Best forged wheel brands

Like RVRN Forged Wheels Series, machined from only the highest quality aerospace-grade forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy creating a wheel that is not only strong but stiff and lightweight, fully forging is truly achieved. 

Forged wheels vs. cast wheels

       Then I will the following aspects to compare the two types of wheels.


Imagine that: when driving on the road, a drunk driver in front suddenly crashed into you, the cast wheels are easily broken while the forged wheels can endure the crack impact and protect you from danger to some extent.


If you are a car enthusiast and often take part in racing competitions, choosing forged wheels can bring your loved car’s superiority into full play.


Forged wheels can be customized into absolutely anything. PCD, center bore, offset, finishes, and even spoke design can all be altered if you choose RVRN wheels. When you drive a car for a trip with your family or friends, the unique and beautiful wheels must be the focus and attract bystanders and you can enjoy praise for your good taste different from other common and boring wheels. They are the wheels only you own, customized exclusively for you! Cast wheels can’t do that.

       Save energy.

In the experiment, the five-seat car can save about 20L of gasoline a year with forged wheels. Forged wheels are lighter than cast wheels for the different raw material used. Therefore, the inertia of the wheels are reduced and the acceleration are increased, which can save energy.


From the form, we can easily see that forged wheels are made of heat-treated aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy to provide the best strength-to-weight ratio.

performance index  cast wheels fully forged
material mark A356 silicon aluminum alloy 6061 magnesium-aluminum alloy
tensile strength 260—280 Mpa 340--370 Mpa
bending strength 180—230 Mpa 290--330 Mpa
extend rate 7%--10% 10%--17%
rigidity 80--90 110—125



Cast wheels are usually heavier because they are made by a mixed metal and forged wheels are lighter because they are made buy a pure single aluminum.

 Considering mentioned above, we can conclude that forged wheels are better than cast wheels in safety, performance, personalization, etc.

 But more importantly, choose the right forged wheel company to bring your forged wheel journey to a successful conclusion. Are you still stuck waiting more than 10 weeks to receive your custom wheels? Or even just a small request for a logo print, don't worry! Come on in and contact RVRN support agent! At RVRN it only takes 2 weeks to produce your custom wheels, anything you want will be achieved here! 

RVRN Custom Wheels is always here to serve your customization needs, so come join us! 

RVRN Forged Wheel Series Introduction  


Send us an email at or give us a call to discuss your idea. Our team will help you determine the sizing for your wheels, and together begin fleshing out your idea into a realized design.


Once the preliminary concept is complete, the designer will create it into a 3D model. This will allow you to visualize the final product, and for the designer to run it through the computer tests and simulations. Based on your feedback and the test outcomes, the design will be altered and optimized until it complies with safety standards and also meets your approval.


Once tested and optimized, the finalized design is sealed and secured and sent to the manufacturer for production. The wheels are finished and inspected for quality control before being shipped out to you. You will receive your personalized forged wheels in no time and enjoy the benefit of significantly improved vehicle handling and aesthetics.

Forged Wheels vs Cast Wheels vs Flow Forged Wheels

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