Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the wheels, if you have other questions, please just send it to
RVRN Forged Wheels Series are machined from only the highest quality aerospace-grade forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy to provide the best strength-to-weight ratio. It allows us to create more sophisticated designs while maintaining a higher degree of structural integrity than other wheels.
RVRN Wheels adopt the most advanced and mature three-step forging process to ensure product quality and provide maximum customization capability and ultimate precision.
Absolutely anything! PCD, centre bore, offset, finishes, and even spoke design can all be altered. Please contact us for more details.
The custom forged wheels you order from RVRN are built to strict DOT standards and delivered at the highest standards in the industry. For example, if the design load of a wheel is 1,000 lbs, the actual load is 4,500 lbs.
With RVRN Fully Forged Wheels, you are guaranteed the look you want without sacrificing the strength and lightness. Unsprung mass 1KG equal to sprung mass 10KG. Fully forged wheel weight is 20%-30% lighter than cast wheel. For example, RVRN Forged Monoblock RV-MB373 Series for 2020 Ford Shelby GT500, 20*11 ET:32 20*11.5 ET:50, weighs 25 lbs, while original cast wheel weighs 32 lbs. Unsprung mass 28 lbs reduction, equal to sprung mass 280 lbs reduction, contributing more horsepower to the ground, better energy efficiency and handling experience.
We offer a lifetime structural warranty for R-12K Series and 5-year structual warranty for R-10K Series. Please visit the RVRN Warranty Policy for more details.
We understand that you may have concerns about your money, and that's why RVRN relies on the mainstream third-party platforms, Paypal, Shopify, Affirm, etc. for order transactions to protect the money of both parties.
RVRN payment methods are as follows:
1) Full Payment: You can choose PayPal to complete your purchase
2) If you want to choose Finance:
PayPay Credit: your purchase gets NO INTEREST if paid in full in 6 months.
If you want to pay in other methods, please contact us for a solution.
Basically we ship all over the world. Please contact us for details.
No, we sell wheels only at the moment.
Because our wheels are made to order, we cannot accept returns. However, if you have received your wheels with incorrect specifications due to our error, we will replace them for you. For more info, please visit our Warranty and Return page.
Forged wheels require much more labour, more expensive (and more) material and feature more specialized designs. The finishes on the wheels are all hand applied by our artisans. However in return you get a far stronger, lighter and stunning looking wheels.
We are preparing to launch our dealer program. Please contact us and leave your information so we can reach out to you when the dealer program is live.
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