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RVRN is born from the heart of the globe's premier full-chain forge for wheels, boasting 17 years of OEM expertise, benefiting numerous esteemed brands. Our dedicated engineers, always dreaming big for car lovers, sought to transcend beyond merely supplying. Disenchanted by the subpar quality and variety in aftermarket wheels, they envisioned a collaborative journey. Imagine a world where your passion shapes the very wheels you drive on—where together, we craft not just wheels, but the realization of your ideal vision.

We're dedicated to crafting unique, bespoke forged wheels that transform your ride into a standout masterpiece, truly exceptional, letting your vibe fully unfurl! As the RVRN team has consistently championed, indulge your creativity and be the designer of your own wheels!

2015 Scion FRS Custom Aftermarket Deep Dish 2pc 5 Spoke jdm White RV-DS01 Series RVRN Wheel Forged
2015 Scion FRS Custom Aftermarket Deep Dish 2pc 5 Spoke jdm White RV-DS01 Series RVRN Wheel Forged
2015 Scion FRS Custom Aftermarket Deep Dish 2pc 5 Spoke jdm White RV-DS01 Series RVRN Wheel Forged
2015 Scion FRS Custom Aftermarket Deep Dish 2pc 5 Spoke jdm White RV-DS01 Series RVRN Wheel Forged

Fully Forged

Fully Forged

RVRN Factory

"Top Industry Standard with Best Price"

RVRN owns a 12,000-ton forging line which meets the highest standard in the industry, and adopts the most advanced and mature three-step forging process to ensure product quality. The spinning machine is the most advanced German Leifeld spinning machine and the milling machine is a Japanese high-end CNC machine.

Our forged blanks are crafted from aerospace-grade 6061 magnesium aluminum alloy, on the same production lines of heavy machinery, high-speed rail and aircraft wheels, ensuring top-tier quality and performance. We take pride in using only brand-new raw materials, completely avoiding any recycled materials in our production process. At present, only a select few companies worldwide possess the expertise and capabilities necessary to handle these advanced production lines, and we are honored to be among them. With state-of-the-art forging facilities and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we guarantee unmatched quality in every forged wheel we produce.

Furthermore, our forged wheels are crafted alongside those produced for TOP brands on the same production lines. This shared production environment underscores the exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising standards that define our products. Rest assured, when you choose our forged wheels, you're choosing unparalleled quality and reliability.

Typical OEM (and most aftermarket) wheels, made by pouring molten aluminum into a mould. Casting is inexpensive and allows for mass production of low-cost alloy wheels. However this method creates very porous metal - air pockets inside the metal reduce it’s structural integrity. Not only are cast wheels weaker, but in order to compensate for the weaker metal they must be reinforced with thicker spokes and extra material, making them heavier as well. In addition, added mass to the wheel also greatly reduce handling of the vehicle and feedbacks from the road surface.
Machine-forged wheels are made from a single forged aluminum block. It is subjected to immense heat and pressure, changing the very properties of the metal - compressing it, eliminating air pockets, aligning grain structure and improving uniformity. It is then shaped through multiple steps of precision CNC machining into the selected design. The resulting wheels are significantly stronger than cast wheels, lighter than rotary forged wheels, and far more capable of handling a spirited driving style and track use. Since every set of wheels are made to order, the customization possibilities on them are endless.
Also known as rotary forged, flow formed wheels begin their lives as cast wheels, specifically cast with a shortened barrel. The barrel is pressed against a heated hydraulic roller and spun, compressing and stretching it, decreasing the porosity and improving the quality of the metal. While they weigh less than cast wheels and have similar strength to forged wheels in barrel, flow formed wheels cannot quite match the strength-to-weight ratio (and resulting freedom in design choices) of machine-forged wheels.
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