Shipping policy of RVRN custom forged wheels 

Each RVRN Custom Forged Wheels product is individually manufactured to meet the specific needs of our customers. Please make sure that you have confirmed all your custom forged wheel requirements, including size, finish, etc, with your support agent beforehand. If not, please email or call us at +1 313-641-9919


Instructions for the overall RVRN Wheels order process

1. Order completion 

You can place your order independently on the official RVRN website or contact your customer service to help you complete your order. 

Kindly note: Shipping free-orders over $99.00

2. Confirmation of final engineering drawings 

Once your order is received in the RVRN system, we will send your full custom requirements (wheel design, wheel size, wheel finish, Center Bore, PCD, center cap design) to our engineer department who will draw up detailed engineering drawings based on your requirements and confirm them with you within 1-2 business days.

Kindly note: If you have any part you want to adjust, you can do so at this stage until it meets your needs.

3. Putting into production

After confirming that the engineering drawings are correct, we will go into production. The production time for common designs is 2-3 weeks(From the date you confirm the engineering drawings), please note that if you choose a chrome finish, the production time will be 5-6 weeks.

4. Shipping 

Door to door to your address. 

If you choose sea shipment, the shipping time is about 3-5 weeks
If you choose airplane, the shipping time is about 1-2 weeks

Shipping Method 

Confirmation of final engineering drawings 



Ship by airplane

1-2 business days 

Normal Design: 2-3weeks

Chrome Finish Design: 5-6weeks  

1-2 weeks
Ship by sea  1-2 business days  Normal Design: 2-3weeks
Chrome Finish Design: 5-6weeks

3-5 weeks


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